Digitalization has completely changed our lives since it was invented. More and more people are attracted to running their phones and watching the whole world digitally without any physical contact. The Internet is playing a vast role in changing the world’s living lifestyle. Today we all have Smartphones by which we can see the outside world sitting on our couch.

Digital platforms are now divided into two-way freelance platforms and social media platforms. Both are equally earning sources where you can generate lots of money using your skills. Social media platforms are for everyone who wants to earn or who wants to enjoy the content. Freelance platforms are useful for earning money and providing projects to expand your businesses.

What is a social media platform?

Social media has interactive digital channels that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, opinion, ideas, and other forms of expression. It is the way to connect with your family, friends, and colleagues digitally from a distance with visual contacts. There are lots of social media platforms available in the digital market, such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and many more. All are beneficial and share lots of content to monetize their account.

 What is a freelance platform?

Freelance is a remote type of work where you are the boss of your projects given by the clients. There are lots of platforms that are serving a freelance marketplace for the people who are keen to earn extra money living in the house. On these platforms, you can grab clients who want to find a part-time worker to get their projects to be done by freelancers.

Plenty of freelance platforms such as Workdeed, Upwork, Fiverr, and, any more are available digitally. It is the best way to generate money using your skills.

Advantages of social media

Large audience

Social media platforms are getting a lot of attention from a large audience. More and more traffic is joining social media. You can target all the traffic on social media and create high-quality content on social media. Adults and businesses use social media platforms, which create great opportunities for your business to reach leads. It is the way to engage the masses for your businesses. Following are the percentages of people who use social media to generate money:

  • YouTube: 78%
  • Facebook: 68%
  • Instagram: 35%
  • LinkedIn: 25%
  • Twitter: 24%
  • Snapchat: 27%
  • Pinterest: 29%

Direct connection with your audience

When you are creating content to engage people, it is important to connect with your audience too. With social media platforms, you can connect with your audience by messaging them. It is essential to connect with your audience to gain their trust of them in your content.

Your audiences are the reason for generating money online. As much as you have followers, you can get as much money.

Paid advertising services

Every social media platform offers its own form of paid advertising by which you can run your paid advertisement. It offers your business the opportunity to meet with interested leads that your business hasn’t yet.

Advantages of freelance

As you read above about freelance platforms, I will tell you the advantages of freelance platforms. It is not the same as social media. Freelance platforms provide a space to register yourself and get your clients’ projects through the platform.

More freedom

You can perform your work freely without worrying about the boss. You are essentially running your business. Working as a freelance, you are the boss of your work.

Flexible hours

It is not a fixed job where you have to work on working hours. You can work as you want to perform. It is the best to set your hours and is particularly attractive.

Location flexibility

You do not have to go to the office from a distance. It is the relaxing part where you can work from home without moving your body much.

Which is the best platform to generate extra income?

Social media and freelance platforms both are sources of extra income. Using your skills, you can generate extra money if you are working in the office. Whether you choose social media platform or a freelance platform to earn money, you need to struggle for the clients and followers. On social media platforms, you have to attract your audience to follow you to get maximum followers. On a freelance platform, you have to register yourself and find clients who will pay you for the projects to be done.

When you use social media, the payment for your post depends on your followers and likes but on a freelance platform, your clients are the reason to pay you. As much as you get clients, the more you get money.

On social media platforms, you have to focus upload content daily to engage the audience otherwise, they will unfollow you despite this freelance platform, and you have to maintain your gig to get clients.

On social media platforms, your earnings can be late, but on the freelance platform, you can get money within a few days if you got a client.

While working as a freelance, your feedback is very important to get clients, so maintain your reviews and ratings. On social media platforms, there is no feedback important.

As much as you work as a freelance, you will get more clients and can increase your payment for the projects. On social media platform, your money will increase when your followers or subscribers increases.


These are the differences between social media platforms and freelance platforms. After reading this article, you have gotten an idea of which is better than another. But if you want to make both your profession, you can choose both platforms to generate money. You can earn extra income using social media and freelance platforms. If you have talent and skills, both platforms welcome you for creating every type of content to engage people. Both platforms are free and reliable for users.