Making money with calligraphy is becoming huge where top-earning calligraphers are making more than $115K yearly. This is the most trending freelance job where you can also earn maximum money using your calligraphy skill.

The demand for calligraphy in India is high, and the competition is also increasing these days. It is suggesting the best career option for beginners. Hand lettering and calligraphy is the most unique way to get someone’s attention towards your writing.

What are calligraphy and hand lettering?

Calligraphy and hand lettering are often used, interchangeably when they are recognizable as part of creating styled writing. Both are equally partial to each other, which define their methods and writing purposes.

Calligraphy focuses on creating single compositions and visual art in writing. It is a design of alphabets, words, and sentences with a pen, ink, and brush. The writing design of calligraphy is an expressive, harmonious, and skilful manner.

Hand lettering focuses on the market applications of illustrative writing. The art of handwriting words depends on the style and of form sentences.

Both writings are equally important, and have a career in them. They are growing in this modern talent market. Regardless, honing your skill can build your career with benefits in decorative writing.

If you are willing to learn decorative typography, hand lettering, and calligraphy, you can get online classes from Workdeed freelancers who are giving master classes in hand lettering. It is the best option to upgrade your skill and earn money from it.

How to make money with calligraphy and hand lettering

Sell prints

Once you have learned calligraphy and hand lettering, you should start your career in it. If you have enough calligraphy and hand lettering designs, sell these online or offline, which can be framed, hung, and sent as a gift.

You can start freelancing to sell prints using freelance platforms. The best freelance marketplace is Workdeed, where you can get high-profile clients to sell prints to them. Inspirational quotes are the most popular in the calligraphy and hand lettering market. While using a freelance profile, you need to make proper gigs to attract clients with your designs.

Create and sell custom fonts

Create maximum hand letters using hand lettering writing style to generate income. Develop more and more fonts for various contractual projects (from websites to mobile apps). While making this hand lettering, you can use various tools such as adobe illustrator. 

You can learn to operate these tools by taking online classes or YouTube videos. If you have become the finest calligrapher, you need a proper website where you can show your talent and skill to earn money from it. However, you can hire full-website creation services by giving projects to freelancers at a reasonable price.

Take on calligraphy gigs

For skill-based designers freelancing is the best sustainable and scalable career path. They can make more money by creating fonts for businesses, web developers, and bloggers. On Workdeed, more than 50 thousand plus freelance custom font designers are making hundreds of dollars. You need to recognize the key points to sell your products.

Build calligraphy or hand lettering

Blogs are the best option to showcase your calligraphy writing skills to the audience, who are willing to read these writings. It is the best opportunity to monetize your crafts and your products using affiliate marketing. With the help of this, you can also take classes, teach online and sell typography.

This type of business is not for random work you need to post your blog regularly and consistently with creating high-quality content.

Use social media marketing

You have to give some time for social media marketing to share your blog posts on social media platforms. Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where lots of traffic likes blogs to read. It is the best way to grab the audience’s attention to your calligraphy.

Make your account on Workdeed and start selling calligraphy and hand lettering. Promote your services to the different social media platforms to get millions of potential clients.