If you have a hobby of writing and write a lot of things blogging is the next opportunity you should choose as a profession. Your writing skill can make someone’s day after reaching your adorable words in his mind.  

Writing always makes you feel happy, whether it is social or business-related. You can earn lots of money by blogging.  But how will you manage your blogging site and influence audience with the creative writing? Well, in this article, you will learn the methods to earn money through blogging. But before starting your blogging site, you should know about blogging.

What are blogs?

A blog is a discussion and information website where articles are published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete.  Blogging is not just about the writing it’s about photography and other media that are self-published online.

Blogs are typically used on online platforms such as a website to create articles or any type of writing.

Types of blog 

Travel blog

Travel blogs gain a lot of attention because most people prefer to perform research before traveling somewhere, and your travel blogs help them to travel according to your guidance. Travel blogging is hard to deliver information that people search for such as where they should go for their next vacation, how many days they cover the whole area, what time is perfect to visit that recommended place, and many more.

It is the most challenging part to write about a place you have never been through. You don’t have any idea about that place, people and whether. Here is an idea to solve your exaggerated questions. You should do some research about the place and environment. You can get an idea from the other blogger and transform it into your travel blog.

Personal blog

Personal blog includes posts about personas, data-driven personas, automatic persona generation, and persona creation. It runs by an individual author that adds a personal touch to their blogs to share information and their life experiences.

Business blog

Blogs are effective to engage traffic for the business or any firm to acquire customers, clients, and dealers to deal with the particular business. According to the report, 85% of companies prefer blogs as useful and important to their business.

Many times, companies use blogs to announce new product launches, the product they are working on, contests, upcoming releases, and many more. Blog helps to increase website traffic and improve their conversion rate through content marketing.

It is an effective way to promote businesses and a long-term approach. The quality content attracts readers to know more about services and products.

Professional blog

A professional blog or personal brand is a type of combination of a business blog and a personal blog. For example, you have owned a company, and you write blogs for your company is making a personal brand using your writing skill.

The owner of the blog is using business strategy in the blog, makes a plan, picks a niche, creates an editorial plan, analyzes the market, finds new market strategies, and influences the partnerships with brands.  

Food blogs

Food blogging is the most effective blog that gains lots of traffic, especially during the quarantine period. No one can live without food and the taste they want in food can’t be ignorable. We follow the routine of cooking food daily, such as diversifying our meals, cooking healthy foods, and buying the ingredients.

You can start food blogging as recipe making, food stall reviews, and cooking food. All of them are trendy topics these days for food blogs. 

News blog 

The traditional news is published in newspapers, and people read it on paper, but new media teach us to put news blogs online to make it easy for everyone to get the government information and new policy within a minute after publishing the blog. News blogs are fast and creative to know everyday news. 


If you also want to start your blogging website, you should choose your favorite field to start blogging. Mentioned above are the beneficial various types of blogging that help you to decide your favorite one. There are more types of blogging, such as affiliate or review blogs, multimedia blogs, news blogs, lifestyle blogs, and fashion blogs. Pick any one from them and start showing your talent to the world.