In the world of fashion, the trends fade away very fast and come with new ones. Fashion is the most amazing trend these days where everyone is interested to wear clothes as glamorous as people wear. Well, that’s easy to wear different types of clothes every day but do you know it affects our environment? The clothes you wear and throw after a week, month, or year affect our environment.

So the solution is sustainability in fashion design. Understand this easily, sustainability in the form of recycled clothing. Well, if you don’t know how to recycle clothes and who will do it, the textiles are helpful in this.

Research says 92 million tons of textiles are thrown away every year on a global scale. This waste clothes or yarn pieces material releases methane gas and toxic chemicals that affect the environment badly.

Many fashion brands are taking steps to turn to sustainable efforts and incorporating recycled clothing items into their collections.

What is recycled clothing made of?

Fashion brands are making efforts to sustain the waste of clothes through a sustainable fashion process. By recycling clothes to create new ones, retailers are giving their interest in it.

The two types of recycled fabrics are made from:

Recycled fabrics or Clothing are made of waste materials like plastics and water bottles

Used textiles made from recycled clothes

How does recycled clothing work?

Well, recycled clothing is good for the environment but makes it not an easy task.

Recycling used clothes

Recycling fabrics are easy to hear but honestly, it’s not as easy as you think. Creating new fabric from old fabric, the process is quite cumbersome. Make new clothing from final products that are already knitted, apply the reverse process, and then repeat it to make new.

Usage: the items will be used as clothing or linens.

Fabric type: choosing natural and synthetic fabrics

Color: it is categorized into different types of color

Recycling waste materials

Another way to create new clothing is from waste materials. Following are process

Collect the waste materials that are used


Wash it to make it hygienic


After these steps, the waste materials are sent into processing and manufacturing. Let’s take the example of plastic water bottles. Recycling the plastic bottles directly goes into small flakes to meltdown. This melted plastic will use to make fabrics. But making it is also hard.

What brands sell recycled clothing?

Sporting and fitness brands

The highest fashion brands embracing the movements of the recycled fabric were sporting and fitness fashion brands. In the recycling fabrics, the most famous brands Adidas and Lululemon are involved. The percentage of recycled clothes among total clothing was 54.27% of Adidas from 2018 to 2021. Following are the other fashion brands that gained the maximum percentage of recycled clothing.

Lululemon was 22.70%

Nike with a recycled clothing percentage was 15.98%.

Fashion brands

Cos is known for its sustainable practices had 19.33%of recycled clothing among total clothing.

Everlane had 17.54% of recycled clothing per total clothing

Madewell had a recycled clothing percentage of 16.65%.

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